About Us

Winterland Nursery began in the early 1960’s as Ames Ornamental Shrubs. Gene and Marlene Winters bought the small nursery and changed the name to Winterland in the late 1960’s.

“Location is Everything” a wise man once said, and ours was hard to find. This was the rationale behind the decision to focus on wholesale and retail customers. Landscapers have became the largest percentage of our business and that still holds true today. But Madison’s new homeowners have steadily come to find Winterland the best kept garden center secret in Madison.

From 1999-2000 we were in full construction mode. Big shed, hoop houses, pump house, and miles of irrigation were installed with some luck and some great help. The great news was that it all worked! Parking, computers, room for big trucks, loading dock, and the irrigation worked. Our customers love our convenient location and the new additions to work with.

Winterland is a business that cares about its community. This is probably why homeowners and landscapers have been coming to us since the 60’s. Winterland has always been a tree and shrub nursery and we’ve seen many trends and fads come and go but landscaping has always been a great way to improve our environment. The goals of cleaner air and water are still the same. Plant more trees. Plant more roses. Enjoy your personal space and do something for fellow man at the same time! Thanks for being our customer and allowing us all to make a living doing what we love.